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 Value for Money  3.0
 Rooms  2.3
 Cleanliness  2.0
 Location  3.3
 Security & Safety  3.0
 Service & Staff  2.3
 Food / Dining  2.7
 Total  2.7

"An abomination"

User Rating:  1.0
Reviewer:   Rowan G. of FL, Trinidad and Tobago
Reviewed:   March 8, 2008  (see hostel reviews from Hosteltraveler.com)
Traveled:   February 2008     Type:   Family
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
I am totally shocked and appalled by my experience at Ocean Hotel and Hostel in Miami. Upon my arrival with my family, I was aghast at the physical structure of the hotel. I was hoping that I was at the wrong address. Finding an alley (no place to park) we parked our car. I ventured into a remote looking outlet which I thought was an office to find someone to direct me to the hotel. There are no fitting words to describe this structure which was misleadingly described in the advertisement as ‘newly renovated.’ I would guess that the last the last time anything was renovated, cleaned or painted would have to be about thirty years ago. There were two persons casually dressed at a counter like what you would see at a country shop. I enquired about my booking, still hoping that the hotel was elsewhere. The woman, pulling up on her strapless dress, opened a book which seemed to be the same age as the hotel and looked through the pages. (No computer or anything from this century). She found our names and told us that the room was ready. With great trepidation I asked to see the rooms. Believe it or not, she turned to a large piece of board on the wall with some keys, yes, KEYS like what our grandparents used, took one down and said ‘follow me. I dared myself to continue. We are now heading up some steps (wooden) which are creaking and remind me of those ghost stories of my childhood.
Need I describe to you what she showed to us as our room? Nothing could have prepared me for this sighting. When we made our reservation we clicked on-
2 Rooms with Breakfast included....... Eating here!!!
Double (with two beds)
Private Bath (ensuite)
Notice I made reservations for two (2) rooms and she showed us a room.
We made a deposit of $64.16 with the remaining $507.84 to be paid.
Let me just state that I will not even let my dog stay there. It was downright nasty. The woman, noticing my disappointment, had the nerve to say to me that I must keep my reservation because I cannot get back my deposit.
Of course I walked away from that filthy nightmare. To think that my family traveled miles away from another country to experience this in a first world country is unforgivable. Someone should do something immediately to address this abomination called Ocean Avenue Hotel.

p.s. I will not begin to tell you about the difficulty we endured in finding another hotel without a reservation.

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