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가장 인기있는 장소:

Khorixas, Namibia

Igowati Country Hotel
사용자 선호도:  4.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 NAD 350
Khorixas, Justus Garoeb Street 3   
Hotel - Namibia/Damaraland/Khorixas Accomodation/Meals/Camping and daytrips
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Okahandja, Namibia

Capricorn Guesthouse속도에서 NAD 320
Okahandja, Plot 57 Q   
Bed and breakfast - Capricorn Guesthouse - Namibia
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Sylvanette Guesthouse
사용자 선호도:  3.0   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 NAD 360
Okahandja, 311 Hoogenhout Street   
Bed and breakfast - Conveniently located guesthouse en-route to Namibias north or beautiful coast. Sylvanette guesthouse is found in the heart of Okahandja
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Windhoek, Namibia

Rocky Hills B and B
사용자 선호도:  3.0   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 NAD 120
Windhoek, 117 Ichaboe Str. Rocky Crest   
Bed and breakfast - Rocky Hills Bed & Breakfast--- A haven for homeless and your home away from home
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Da Gratia Guesthouse속도에서 NAD 640
Windhoek, 4 Jasper Street Academia Windhoek Namibia   
Guesthouse - Upmarket guesthouse in secure and safe 24 hr security. Ideally suited for the busy and exhausted business person and a relaxing atmosphere for the tourist who just want to enjoy life in a relaxed atmosphere.
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Africa Dynasty Hostel속도에서 $11
Windhoek, 11 Pasteur Streer   
Hostel - Backpackers hostel with four and Six bed Dorms and scenic gardens and swimming pool starting at 10 USD/day
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Hotel Pension Uhland
사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 NAD 635
Windhoek, 147, Uhland Street   
호텔 - 손님으로 가자 - 친구로 남겨£세요. 빈트후크의 HOTEL Uhland에서 전문적인 서비스와 함께 즐겨 친근한 분위기.
온라인 요청
Guesthouse Terra Africa속도에서 NAD 540
Windhoek, 6 Kenneth Mcarthur Street   
Guesthouse - The Terra Africa House is perched on a hill, overlooking the City of Windhoek and welcomes you home in Namibia!
온라인 요청
Sand Rose Guesthouse속도에서 NAD 459
Windhoek, 13 Britz Street   
Guesthouse - Sand Rose Guest House offers you a relaxed and quiet atmosphere to unwind after a busy day in the city.
온라인 요청

Walvisbaai, Namibia

Loubser's Bed and Breakfast-Backpackers
사용자 선호도:  4.5   (독서 4 리뷰)
속도에서 NAD 180
Walvisbaai, Jh De Waard Street Nr: 11   
숙소 - Loubser의 B & B가에서 관광을 사용할 저렴한 숙박 시설을 / 자체 취사 / Walvis 베이, 나미비아 사막의 배낭. 당신은 기숙사 룸, 더블 룸이나 자체 취사 단위에 머물 선택할 수 있습니다.
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Bay Self Catering Accommodation속도에서 ZAR 350
Walvisbaai, Can Organize Tours And Car Hire For You   
자체 취사 - 저렴한 자체 취사 숙박, Walvis 베이, 나미비아 숙박 시설
온라인 요청

Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Bush Pillow Guest House
사용자 선호도:  4.3   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 NAD 620
Otjiwarongo, 47 Son Road   
게스트 하우스 - Otjiwarongo, 나미비아에서 부시 필로우 숙박 세계의 치타 수도.
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Uis, Namibia

Brandberg Rest Camp
사용자 선호도:  3.9   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 NAD 350
Uis, 3 Main Street   
Self catering - The Brandberg Rest Camp is located in the Village of Uis in the heart of Damaraland, an unspoilt rural area in Namibia. It is en-route between Swakopmund and the Etosha Game reserve.
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Petras Gaestehaus B and B Und Balloonbas속도에서 NAD 980
Uis, 3 Avenu 12   
Bed and breakfast - Germa Familly owned B&B offers Holliday with friends in a tropical garden with new rooms,free parking and free wlaan
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Tsumeb, Namibia

Airport Guest House속도에서 NAD 1,112
Tsumeb, 1574 Springbok Street   
Guesthouse - Affordable Bed and Breakfast Luxury Accommodation
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Grunau, Namibia

Savanna Guest Farm and Horse Safaris속도에서 NAD 820
Grunau, Neu-Noachabeb, 409   
Guesthouse - Where horses roam free...life is inspired by nature's unspoilt beauty...
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Swakopmund, Namibia

Guesthouse Fischreiher
사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 ZAR 540
Swakopmund, 78 Fischreiherstreet   
Guesthouse - The ideal stay in Namibia at the coastal town of Swakopmund/5 exquisitely furnished bedrooms/healthy Namibian breakfast/true Namibian hospitality and friendliness/quiet area/excellent beds for a good night's rest/walking distance from the sea.
온라인 요청

Keetmanshoop, Namibia

Savanna Guest Farm속도에서 NAD 350
Keetmanshoop, Keetmanshoop   
Guesthouse - Savanna Guest Farm is a traditional Namibian sheep farm where true Namibian hospitality
온라인 요청
Bird's Accommodation속도에서 NAD 400
Keetmanshoop, 6 Avenue   
Hotel - We offer all the best in home from home comfort. We are proud on our personal service and try to accommodate any requests.
온라인 요청

Solitaire Area, Namibia

Kuangukuangu - Luxury Cabin속도에서 €100
Solitaire Area, Solitaire Naukluft Area   
Cabin - The ideal place for those who prefer absolute isolation
온라인 요청

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