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أرخص الأسعار:

Budapest, Hungary

All-Central Hostel الأسعار تبدأ من €8
Budapest, Bécsi Street 2   
Hostel - All- Central Hostel is located In the heart of Budapest, next to the Deák Ferenc Square, and in the middle of Váci street and Fashion street, we are waiting our Guests 365 days in a year
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Grandio Party Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من HUF 2,600
Budapest, Nagy Diofa 8   
Hostel - The alcoholics' playground!
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Grand Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  4.2   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €9
Budapest, Huvosvolgyi Ut 69.   
Hostel - Located on the Buda side, close to Castle Hill where the old town and most historic sites are. Free parking, bikes for rent. Welcome drink in the bar.Cookout party every Wednesday. Concerts, etc....
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Emerald Hostel Budapest
تقييم المستخدم:  2.3   (اقرأ 2 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €9
Budapest, Kossuth Lajous Utca 14-16   
Hostel - Brand new Hostel in the centre of Budapest, we opened in October 2008. Recommended for those who want to stay in the Downtown, and price is important.
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Minoo Houseالأسعار تبدأ من €10
Budapest, 3 Mikszath Kalman Ter   
Hostel - Minoo House is an eco-friendly, community based and hand-made hostel in the centre of Budapest.
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Thumbs Up Hostel Budapestالأسعار تبدأ من €10
Budapest, Kertesz Utca 18   
Hostel - The Hostel is located in the heart of Pest. Close to world renown bars and nightclubs, next to public transportation and wonderful restaurants we offer you everything you need for your Budapest experience.
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Rainbow Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من €11
Budapest, 1091 Üllői Street 11   
Hostel - Looking for a hostel in Budapest? Rainbow is the best choice if you're looking for a nice,clean,trendy hostel with an excellent staff close to the major landmarks of Budapest.
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Hostel Dominoالأسعار تبدأ من HUF 3,800
Budapest, Váci U.77.   
Hostel - Hostel Domino is a brand new backpacker's hostel located in Budapest's premier tourist shopping boulevard. Small and medium dormitory rooms, guest kitchen, all newly outfitted in 2006 and spotlessly maintained.
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Alice Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من €12
Budapest, Fiumei Ut 10. 1st Floor 1.   
Hostel - Newly renewed sunny hostel with great location, two min walk from Keleti station. Brand new beds, showers, kitchen and helpfull staff.
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Oleander Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  4.8   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €12
Budapest, Szep U. 5   
Hostel - Small, cozy with an unbeatable location. Stay with us. You are welcome!!
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Backpack Guesthouseالأسعار تبدأ من HUF 4,000
Budapest, Takács Menyhért U.   
Hostel - Beautiful, laid-back hostel in quiet residential street. Kitchen, Common roon / Bar and Magical chill-out garden
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Unity Hostel Budapest
تقييم المستخدم:  3.2   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €13
Budapest, Kiraly Utca 60   
Hostel - Brand new backpacker location in the heart of the city. Spacious dormitories and private rooms for resonable prices.
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Downtown Oasisالأسعار تبدأ من HUF 4,500
Budapest, Karoly Korut 24   
Hostel - Downtown Oasis is a Budapest Fine Hostel in the center of Historic Downtown of Budapest. A budget clean and affordable accommodation for travelers.
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Corvin Point Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من €15
Budapest, Nap Utca 4. 1st Floor (viii. District)   
Hostel - High quality private and dormitory rooms in the center. Full breakfast included! Professional, calm and peaceful hostel with smooth bio - mattresses and a fully equipped communal kitchen!
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East Side Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  2.6   (اقرأ 3 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €15
Budapest, Jobbágy U. 11.   
Hostel - East Side Hostel is located only a few hundred metres from a breathtaking Hungarian parliament, Margaret island and the Danube River.
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Antique Hostel Budapest
تقييم المستخدم:  3.0   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €15
Budapest, Iskola U. 31   
Guesthouse - Hostel in the center of Budapest. 2 minutes from the parlement, and from the castle.Nice price!
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Goat Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  4.8   (اقرأ 5 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €15
Budapest, Vamhaz Korut 15, 1st Floor 8   
Hostel - Welcome to Goat Hostel! We are the perfect stop on your backpacker trail of Budapest!
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Budapest Budget Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من €15
Budapest, Ipar U. 21.   
Hostel - Budapest Budget Hostel offers you a unique deal: we offer low prices without a compromise on quality – you get the best value for your money staying in our cozy and quiet place.
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Marco Polo Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  3.1   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €17
Budapest, Nyar Utca 6.   
Hostel - The Marco Polo Hostel is a state-of-the-art hostel designed to the highest standards. The hostel is a member of the IYHF and offers discounts for HI cardsholders.
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7x24 Central Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  4.9   (اقرأ 2 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €18
Budapest, 1061 Kiraly Utca 14.   
Hostel - NO BUNK beds! KEYLESS doors! Free INTERNET! In absolute CENTER of Budapest, in the heart of jewish area! Credit Card acceptance! Free cofee, tea! Free Budapest guide, and map! Free local wired phone calls!
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City Roomsالأسعار تبدأ من €18
Budapest, Veres Pálné Utca 5. 3Rd Floor, 20   
Hostel - In the hart of Budapest next to the most famous street, called Vaci streat, we are waiting for you. You can find the Budapest City Centre Rooms very easily in the Center of Budapest a 5-minute walk from the Duna river.
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Deak Budapestالأسعار تبدأ من €19
Budapest, Asboth Utca 17. 7th Distr.   
Hostel - This is a very centrally located hostel at the Deak sqr is in the centre of Budapest, near the most popular downtown walking street near the crossing point of 3 metro lines.
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Apartment Horanszkyالأسعار تبدأ من €19
Budapest, Horanszky Utca 1.   
Apartment - Apartment in the heart of Budapest
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Hostel Relaxالأسعار تبدأ من HUF 7,700
Budapest, Láncszem Utca 10.   
Homestay - Brandnew hostelstyle gardenhouse rooms with all facilities to be used very close to the Airport in Budapest and good traffic connection to the center.
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Azurro Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من HUF 8,000
Budapest, József Körút 36. I/1.   
Hostel - The newest hostel in the heart of the city!
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Attila Hotel And Pensionالأسعار تبدأ من €25
Budapest, Attila Utca 20   
Hotel - Hungary - Budapest - Attila Hotel & Pension with InternetCafe
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Franz Joseph Rooms Budapestالأسعار تبدأ من €25
Budapest, Szigony Utca 13-9/34   
Bed and breakfast - Rooms are close to the József Körút Boulevard at Pest side, VIII district, and conveniently located near downtown area.
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Central Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من €28
Budapest, Vaci Utca 11/b   
Hostel - Central hostel is very centrally located in the second house from the famous walking street Vaci utca. Our hostel in the centre of downtown Budapest, close to all sights, restaurants and nightlife.
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Bell Hostel and Guesthouse
تقييم المستخدم:  4.7   (اقرأ 2 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €28
Budapest, Szent István Krt. 24.   
Hostel - We are located in the very downtown of the city with many sights, shops, restaurants and clubs in our neighborhood. We provide you nice and clean private rooms and friendly atmosphere. Free internet, free airconditioning, free tea & coffee!!!
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Studio Istvanالأسعار تبدأ من €29
Budapest, Szent Istvan Krt 10   
Apartment - Studio Flat in down town
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Budapest Hotel Leslie Apartmentsالأسعار تبدأ من €29
Budapest, Victor Hugó Str. 25-27   
Apartment - The Leslie Apartments hotel is situated in the very centre of Budapest on the Pest side of the city.
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Europa Hotels and Congress Center Standaالأسعار تبدأ من €29
Budapest, Pálos U. 2.   
Hotel - Fusing a friendly atmosphere with proximity to a host of attractions, the 3-star hotel is located on the Buda side of the capital in a tranquil and lush spot.
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Friends Hostel Budapestالأسعار تبدأ من €30
Budapest, Teréz Körút 4.   
Hostel - new, great located hostel with cheapr private rooms (shared and ensuite dbl, twin) in Budapest city centre in a party area, next to trendy Franz Liszt square and main boulevard. Cheap prices and friendly atmosphere
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Apartment4youالأسعار تبدأ من €30
Budapest, Budapest   
Apartment - Centrally situated on the Budapest Pest side of the city, these apartments offer good value and convenience, within easy reach of public transport services.
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Rakoczi Square Apartmentالأسعار تبدأ من €30
Budapest, József Körút 28   
Apartment - The apartment is located in newly renovated monument building from the 19th century at beautiful on József körút boulevard close to Rákóczi square.
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Central Apartmanالأسعار تبدأ من €32
Budapest, Lehel út 74-76   
Apartment - This is a new apartment near to the center of Budapest. The apartment is 32 sqm (one room) private apartment suitable for max: 2 persons
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Elizabeth Bridge Hostelالأسعار تبدأ من €32
Budapest, Kossuth Lajos U 14-16   
Hostel - Elizabeth Bridge Hostel is a brand new hostel in the heart of Budapest. We are offering cheep accommodation for travelers, who are looking for a simple, clean place to stay.
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Pecs, Hungary

Nap Hostel Pecs
تقييم المستخدم:  4.5   (اقرأ 3 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €10
Pecs, Király Street 23-25.   
Hostel - Nap Hostel Pecs-cheap accomodation in the heart of Pecs city center
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Olive Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  3.4   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €15
Pecs, Szabadsag U. 28.   
احجز الآن
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Balatonlelle, Hungary

Unity Hostel Balatonالأسعار تبدأ من €12
Balatonlelle, Rakoczi Ut 268   
Hostel - 2hours from Budapest,we are located right behind a free beach access to the lake, right opposite a large shopping and dinning court, only few minutes from the best clubs,lots of freebies!!!
احجز الآن
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Balaton, Hungary

Hullam Hostel
تقييم المستخدم:  4.2   (اقرأ 7 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €15
Balaton, Furedi Ut 6.   
Hostel - 165 km from Budapest. A unique atmosphere, right beside the biggest lake in Europe-Balaton. Beautiful green areas, big garden, rent-a-bike, i-net, beach, bar, parties all the time.
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Siofok, Hungary

Bella Villaالأسعار تبدأ من €19
Siofok, Batthyany Lajos   
Villa - Rooms and apartments for rent in the best resort of Siofok, next of the Jokai park.
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Hotel Soleroالأسعار تبدأ من €32
Siofok, Batthyány Str. 25.   
Hotel - Hotel Solero** is waiting for its guests just in the heart of Siófok city. The hotel is located in the silent, peaceful Batthyány street which is probably the most romantic street int he town.
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Muller's Inn
تقييم المستخدم:  4.0   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من €32
Siofok, Fo Str. 106.   
Hostel - Cheap hostel in the most hiving city of Lake Balaton, Siofok!
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