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Booking Engines for Hostel WebsitesBooking Engines for Hostel Websites

Why choose Instant World Booking for your website's reservation engine?

Quite simply, Instant World Booking offers more customization for your website, flexibility with customer deposits and payments, and easier setup. Better yet, it's cheaper than any solution you can find elsewhere. We'll even install it for you at no cost. Please check out other booking systems for your website, then compare with Instant World Booking.

Only Instant World Booking offers a Best Economics Guarantee. If you're considering another service with similar features, let us know. We guarantee that we'll provide the same (and usually better) service at a lower price. Why not increase your profit margin today?

Already have a booking engine for your hostel website?

Enquire now about our special discounts when you switch today from a competing provider.  Contact us

Check out our Booking Engine Demos

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Each demo represents a sample homepage for a hostel. While these are fictitious hostels, you will immediately see the power of our fully integrated reservation system.  After all, a reservation system is more than just a Book now button. Imagine the unlimited customization and integration possibilities for your own website. Yet, these implementations are extremely simple to implement.

Demo 1    "Fast"
click here
Demo 2    "Simple"
click here
Demo 3    "Elegant"
click here

What is the lowest price for a fully-customizable booking engine for your website?

Instant World Booking has the answer: 1.9%.  Compare with rates of at least 5% or more (percentage of total reservation value) for virtually all competing providers. That's at least a 60% savings just by choosing Instant World Booking.

Flexible Pricing Options for every budget and service level

IWB CostCustomer DepositIWB FeaturesOther Providers
< 1.9%<= 8%For some properties, custom pricing may be structured, resulting in an almost cost-free solution.Not available.
1.9%8%Typical budget option.
Basic budget booking engine with all the features offered in demos
Other providers charge higher cost (at least 5%-10% or more) for a budget service level.
5%35%Most Popular option.
Higher customer deposits increase the security of your reservations.

Full No-show (failure to arrive) and Cancellation protection.
Not available.

Other providers charge this much for lower service levels (see typical budget option).

Other providers can't collect more than 10% deposit.
> 5% >= 50%Collect higher deposit amounts from your customers.

Full No-show (failure to arrive) and Cancellation protection.
Not available.

Other providers can't collect more than 10% deposit.

We operate in every tourism market and region on Earth. We recognize that our hostel partners' needs, budgets, and sophistication vary widely.  This is why we offer flexible pricing. Our booking engine can be personalized to match your budget. See the chart for examples. Contact us today to get specific pricing for your website.  Contact us

More questions about pricing and service

What do you mean by almost cost-free solution?

As mentioned, our services and pricing are highly customizable. This means we can review your reservation characteristics and trends, and propose a specific fee structure that can save you money. In many cases your cost may be substantially lower than our lowest nominal rate of 1.9%. This adds up to significant savings over any competing provider. Contact us today for a quote.

Are my customers charged a service fee?

Your booking engine will not charge your customers a service fee, unless you want it to. Customer service fees are never required for your booking engine. Service fees are simply one optional feature that may be used to reduce your costs.

Can I still keep all my other third party services and software when I use this booking engine for my website?

Yes. Unlike other providers which require you to use their CMS, availability calendars, property management, or other front desk software, Instant World Booking has no such requirement. If you use our booking engine, you can save money, and still use all the other services and providers you wish.

Am I required to use other services or software by Instant World Booking?

No. But, please feel free to check out our other marketing, online reservations, and payments services.

What is Full No-show (failure to arrive) and Cancellation protection?

We offer this important feature so you never have to worry about cancellations or customers that don't arrive. This guarantee is not available from any other provider. This feature guarantees you will still be paid even if a guest fails to show up, or cancels late. You may select your own flexible cancellation policy. You can choose any cancellation penalty amount you wish, up to 100% of the amount collected, and a cancellation period of up to 90 days before check-in. For no-shows (failure to arrive), you will receive full payment of the amount collected, less commissions.

How do I receive my deposit payments?

You choose. Convenient payment options currently include 1) Bank wire, 2) EFT - electronic funds transfer, 3) PayPal, 4) Bank check denominated in your own currency, and 5) Direct deposit to a U.S. Bank. These flexible options allow you to receive your funds either electronically or by physical delivery. Some methods may include an additional transfer fee. Enquire about your preferred payment method.

What special discounts are available if I switch today from a competing provider?

We want you to know how easy it is to save money by not overpaying. If you currently use a competing booking engine, please let us know. We'll not only offer a lower price, but we'll also give you a special incentive to switch today. Remember, when you switch to Instant World Booking, you can still use all your other third party services.

Get a New Booking Engine for your website today.   Fully integrated - More features - Lower cost

If you've viewed the demos and information above, you already know that you can immediately save money, increase ROI (return on investment), and improve the functionality of your website with an advanced booking engine. There's absolutely no obligation to trying our online reservations for your website, and no cost to getting set up. If you're not satisfied, just let us know.

Still not convinced? Only Instant World Booking offers all of these unique features and benefits:

1.Multilingual - Allow customers to reserve with you in their own language. Even include multilingual functionality directly on your own homepage (see Demo 1)
2.Multi-currency - Customers can view rates and payments in their own currency before reserving. This increases trust and reduces the possibility of confusion over costs.
3.Protection against No-shows (failure to arrive) and Cancellations - Increase the security of your reservations with guaranteed deposit payments. Never worry again about late cancellations or guests that don't show up.
4.Multiple payment methods - You choose how to receive your payments? We offer multiple electronic payment methods that make it easier to receive your funds, in virtually any region of the world.
5.Total integration with your website - Our booking engine is fully customizable to integrate with your website in any manner you wish. See the demos above for examples.
6.Free setup and installation assistance - Need help installing your new booking engine? We'll provide advice, assistance, or even install it for you for free. You choose.
7.Collect any deposit amount - Only Instant World Booking allows you to choose the deposit amount you wish to collect from your customers.
8.Collect balances from guests by credit card - (optional) Use our payments system to collect balances at a later date from your customers. When combined with our booking engine, IWB Payments offers a complete credit card acceptance solution for your hostel.  Learn more about IWB Payments
9.Client reviews - (optional) Collect reviews from your customers and display them on your website or booking page. Your booking engine automatically integrates with our reviews system, enabling you to collect and share valuable information from your customers.
10.Best Economics Guarantee - If you currently use another provider's booking engine for your hostel, we guarantee that we can offer the same or improved service for better economics. All you need to do is contact us and ask. So, why not start saving today?  Contact us
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